Frequently Asked Questions

What is a subscription?

A subscription allows you access to all the piano lesson videos on the website for a monthly fee. The fee is automatically renewed each month so you can continue enjoying the videos with no interruption.

What is included in a membership?

Membership includes access to an incredible catalog of videos that provide step-by-step instruction using the Faber & Faber "Piano Adventures" series. This includes play along videos so you can play your newly learned songs with a duet part.

Is there a free trial? If so, how does it work?

Yes! There is a 10-day free trial. This allows you adequate time to decide if Piano Passage is right for you. To start your free trial, click on "Get Started for Free" and choose the monthly subscription. At checkout, it will show the first 10 days as free. After that, you will be charged at the monthly rate unless you cancel before the 10th day.

Do I have to give a credit card to start the free trial?

Yes. However, if you cancel before the 10th day of your free trial, you will not be charged even a penny.

Is there a contract?

No! You are free to cancel at any time.

When will I be charged each month?

After your 10-day trial, you will be charged at the monthly rate beginning on the 11th day. You will then be charged monthly on the same day each month.

I already have the older Faber books. Is it important that I purchase the 2nd edition Faber & Faber "Piano Adventures" books?

Yes! You will want to get the 2nd edition Faber books since all the lessons in Piano Passage follow that edition. However, there are only 2nd editions for the Faber Primer level through Level 4. If you are purchasing the Young Beginner Books A-C, Piano Adventures Level 4, or either of the Adult Books there will not be a 2nd edition.

Why do you use the Faber series?

The Faber & Faber books are a thorough piano method. They provide progressive lessons that allow the student to gain confidence in playing and reading music.

Do I need to have a piano?

Yes! You will need a piano or a keyboard to get started. If you already have a piano then you are ready to go once you purchase and receive your Faber & Faber book of your level. If you don't already have a piano and don't want to invest in one immediately, you can start with a keyboard for the first several months to a year. After that, it is recommended that you upgrade to either a digital or an acoustic piano.

Why do I need to upgrade to a digital or acoustic piano after the first year of lessons?

Keyboard keys are extremely easy to press, while digital pianos and acoustic pianos have weighted keys. The weight of the keys help students build strong fingers and proper technique.

Do I need to follow a recommended lesson plan or can I go at my own pace?

Since your subscription allows access to the entire library of videos, you are free to work at your own pace. You are not limited to a certain number of lessons per week.

Can I skip lessons?

The short answer is yes. However, it is highly recommended that you complete all lessons in order to ensure you don't acquire gaps in your learning. A better approach would be to complete all the lessons at a faster pace.

I took lessons as a child and want to re-learn piano now as an adult. Do I need to start with the Adult Book 1 or can I start with the Adult Book 2?

It is recommended that adults who are returning to piano after a long break begin with the Adult Book 1. That will ensure that you learn everything that is needed to be successful in Book 2. You may want to work through the lessons at a faster pace.